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Creation Festival The Tour

Mini Creation On Wheels To Feature Some Of Christian Music's Hottest Bands, Including Kutless,Thousand Foot Krutch And Pillar, As Well As Speaker Bob Lenz

Listen in on an exclusive conversation with the Creation Festival Tour producer, Nick Kulb, as well as tour headliner, Kutless & supporting act Worth Dying For.

Tell us how you came up with the idea for this tour?

NICK KULB: The tour is an original concept we’ve had for about two or three years. The overall premise was to take what we do here at Creation East and West to a national level in a touring model. Essentially it’s taking Creation Festival on wheels, where we’ll have everything you see at the Creation festival, nine amazing bands, a good solid speaker. But we’re also bringing an event driven package. Almost every sponsor that we’ve had at Creation Festival is a part of the tour. We’ll be doing daily meet and greets with the artists, we’ll have workout sessions in every city. We’re also pouring a lot into the community. We’ll have community outreach where we’ll team up with the local homeless shelter or food clinic in order to not just roll into town one day and then roll out. We want to give back to every community we go in.

The original model was to stay small and conservative, which we still are---instead of doing twenty dates we’re now up to about thirty-three. It’s going to be a national tour, going as far west as Denver, and going up towards New England, down to Florida, and over to Texas; the corridor of the United States. The overall package is nine incredible artists, but we’re bringing the ministry component as well. It’s a new concept. It’s the largest even ever rolled out of the Christian music industry. We’ll have about eighty people out on the road for two months. It’s a vast undertaking, but with the artists, the labels, and the additional marketing sponsors that we have on it, it is a tremendous machine. We’re extremely excited about it.

Is it an outdoor event?

NICK: No, it’s going to be an indoor thing. Our average arena will be about 3500 seats. Our max will be 10,000, and our smallest will be about 2300.

How long has this idea been stewing in your brain?

NICK: We were at GMA two years ago with a couple booking agents, just talking about what is the future of the Christian music industry. At that point there was a lack of headliners. There was a weird environment at that point. The Creation Festival brand has really been able to brand artists, and it’s been able to stand the test of time. Not that we’re the answer in any way, but we’re trying to take a vision of bringing Christian music and entertainment to the forefront of the touring industry. It took a good year and a half to work The back side of it, talking with booking agents and managers directly, trying to come up with what the overall tour looks like. We didn’t want to be just another concert coming into every major city. We wanted it to be an event. Creation Festival has an event driven purpose. It’s a tribute to our Creator. We want the tour to be a tribute to our Creator. It took a lot of time, a lot of negotiations and planning behind the scenes. I’m confident it’s a stellar tour. We’re looking forward to pressing on and having a great Year One.

How do you plan to balance your personal life and spiritual life while on the tour?

JON MICAH SUMMRAL (Kutless): I can speak for Kutless - whether it’s this tour or any tour, you’re away from your home church; you’re kind of out of touch. It’s really funny - when we go home and go to church on Sunday we’re always super excited like, “Whoa! We can just drive to church today! It’s awesome! It’s right there!” Whereas when we’re on tour it’s not that simple. We’re usually driving in the buses and don’t have transportation to get to church, or we don’t know where the churches are. So for us we have an awesome church back home who sends a pastor out with us from time to time. They check in with us and do Bible studies with us. Also, we all just try to stay on top of each other. We commit to one another to make sure we’re doing a good job of keeping our personal lives up and staying in the Word, reading it ourselves, and things like that. And our wives are really good at putting us back in our places, too, if we start slacking. (Laughs). So that’s the system we currently have in place. One of the cool things about big tours like this one that has speakers, a lot of times some sort of Bible study will break out during the tour, and you’ll have a consistent Bible study that all the bands can join and just sort of hang out together. That’s definitely something that’s needed and is really cool when that’s put together.

JAMES MEAD (Kutless): There are so many bands on this tour, and I know we’ve toured with most of them on the ticket already. It would be great to get together behind the scenes and maybe take turns .. What we’ve done in the past is at catering time for dinner, that’s usually when we all gather together in the same place. That’s another really cool aspect of this tour that Nick didn’t really go into. There is so much band-to-band behind the scenes ministry that can happen and has happened in the past when bands get together and do this kind of thing. I know we’re super excited about that factor, as well.

Can you talk about the online components? Will there be any behind the scenes stuff, anything you’ll be sending back to the website during the tour?

NICK KULB: We’ll be doing a vast marketing campaign leading up to the tour and during the tour. We’ll be doing a weekly vodcast. Worth Dying For is going to be part of that, as well as all the other artists. During the tour we’re going to roll out a vast slide show, so in every city we’ll have a photographer we team up with, either with AP or someone on the road, where they’ll actually be taking pictures for us, giving us the right to them so we can publish them on the road. We’re going to implement a forum, similar to what most websites for festivals or tour sites have where we can do various feedbacks or just have our artists comment from the road. The overall premise is the community involvement - with the Creation festivals, we have a vast range of demographics. We also want that for the tour. In order to do that, we want to give as much feedback as possible from the road and really have a large interest in our core markets that we’ll be hitting.

Creation Festival Tour ArtistsWhat kind of message will you have for non-believers who might come to the tour just because they like the music and the social atmosphere?

MICAH BERTEAU (Worth Dying For): Even if you’re a non-believer we want to portray a positive message. That Jesus Christ has done something in each of our lives, and we’re just trying to share that personal connection that we have with Him. We’ve all been changed - I know every single person in every single band has their own personal story as to how we’ve been changed and how we’ve been rocked by God. We want to actually give people that message. So maybe they just think, “Oh, this is just a positive event I’m going to, maybe some good music I’m going to get to hear.” But maybe when they get there they can hear our hearts about what God’s done in our lives, and it can happen in yours, too.Creation Tour Festival Artists

Anything you’d like us to remember to be praying for the tour?

DAVE MEAD (Kutless): Our personal walks with Jesus are far more important than this tour. If we lose what we’re going for, if we lose our own direction in the process of something greater, we’re doing it in vain and we’re not helping anybody, we’re just going out on tour. That’s worthless. Keep us in prayer that God would be constantly tugging at our hearts so we’re hungry for the Bible, that we’d be hungry for fellowship, accountability, prayer, all those things. If we find ourselves falling short, we’re in no place. I mean, not that we’re ever perfect at it anyway. We’re never “ready” to preach the Gospel the way Jesus did, obviously. But calling ourselves to be more pure, holding each other up and encouraging each other. That’s the biggest thing. From there everything else stems - our presence on stage, the way we act towards kids after the show, everything stems from that.

And pray for our families, as well. ‘Cause nothing will take you out of the game faster than if your family’s not doing well. Many of us will be away from our families for two months. Some of us will have our families on the road with us for part of the tour, but everyone’s situation is a little different. there’s a common thread for guys who are married or have kids. Many times we’re away from our families, and it’s a tough thing. We want to make sure they’re being taken care of. Yet we still want to be out here doing what we do. It’s a delicate balance.

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