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Review of Acoustic

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Britt Nicole Interview

by Tracy Darlington

"I encourage people to go after the Lord and seek Him with their whole heart, and in the right timing the Lord will bring the right thing."
--Britt Nicole

Hailing from Salisbury NC, pop-rock artist Britt Nicole burst onto the Christian music scene in 2007 with her Sparrow Records debut, Say It. The finely crafted pop collection produced 3 Top 10 radio singles “You,” “Set the World on Fire,” and “Believe,” while earning Britt a slot on “The Winter Jam 2007 Tour” and Superchick’s spring 2008 “Cross The Line Tour.”

Britt’s sophomore project, The Lost Get Found, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, No. 62 on the Billboard 200, went straight to No. 1 on iTunes’ Christian/Gospel Top Albums chart, and peaked in the Top 10 on iTunes Top 100 albums chart.

Now she's releasing a fresh take on some of her favorite songs, the 6 track album Acoustic.

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Tell us about your album Acoustic. What was it like recording it?

It was very different from my previous record. Usually you take a lot of time on a record. I mean, I worked on my first record Say It for what seemed like a year. (Laughs) By the time you write the songs, get in the studio, and do everything it takes about that long. It was probably the same amount of time for The Lost Get Found. But for this record, it’s an in between kind of project and it’s acoustic, which is very different from my other records, which are pop. Basically we went into the studio and set up a band and started playing, and I started singing and it was so simple. It was literally like we were doing a concert while recording it, unlike most of my music where there’s a lot of layers, a lot of programming. Many great musicians were involved on this acoustic record. Once they set up and played through it a few times, you pretty much got it. We took about a week probably all together recording, and then went back in and changed a few things here and there, mixing and mastering and all that afterwards. It was very simple compared to the other two records.

Acoustic by Britt NicoleHow did you choose which songs to put on this album?

Well, we wanted to choose my singles, the ones that people already really know. So we chose “The Lost Get Found”, which we did very differently. We wanted that one to really stand out, for people to really hear the lyrics in the song. We chose “Walk on the Water” because it was a single, and then for “Headphones” we’re about to do a new music video for, and it’s such a fun song. We thought people would enjoy that one. “Set the World on Fire” is a song that I wrote several years ago, and it’s off of Say It. So many people connect with that song night after night at the concerts, and we just felt like we had to put that song on there. “Hanging On” is my new single, and I’m excited about it. There’s only one new song on the record, and it’s “Found by You”. I chose that one because I’ve been wanting to put that song on a record for about six years, (Laughs) and it hasn’t worked yet because it’s a very singer/songwriter type of song. It’s not very pop. It didn’t fit on my other two records. When we decided to do Acoustic we felt like it was a perfect fit and time to use that song finally. I’m excited it made the record.

You wrote “Walk on the Water” to encourage your Mom. I’d love to hear that story.

My mom always had a dream to open up a girls home. She talked about it a lot as I was growing up. She had a heart for girls because of a lot of things she went through when she was younger. God started putting girls in my Mom’s life that seemed really random. Well, it was the Lord. They were divine appointments. He started putting girls in my mom’s life that were homeless, on the streets, girls that were addicted to drugs. Girls who had a lot of different issues that really just needed to be shown the love of God. So she had been waiting her whole life basically to do this thing she wanted to do. There were a lot of different reasons why she felt like she couldn’t do it. I would always say, “Mom, God will provide financially, He will provide in every way if you step out on faith to do this.” So a couple years ago she decided to open up our home, not a different home. She said, “You know what? I have a house right here.” My brother and I had moved out, so there’s two bedrooms that are not being used. Young girls started to come and live with my Mom who were on the streets, who’d been in prison, who were addicts. My mom just started showing them God’s love. I wrote “Walk on the Water” to just encourage her to keep going and Britt Nicoleencourage other people like my Mom who think it’s too late in life to step out and do what God has called them to do. It’s never too late. My favorite line in the song says, You know you’re made for more. I think in life we can settle, but God has so much for us if we step out on that faith and let him use us.

Is there a particular story of a girl that your mom helped?

There’s a girl named Heather, and she actually lived with my mom for about a year. She walked away for a little bit, which was very discouraging because we had seen God do so much in her life. She was completely set free and changed. We saw her walk away, but recently she’s come back, and she is doing so well. The enemy is always going to try and pull us away and pull us back to that old lifestyle—regardless of where you come from. There are things in my life where it’s easy to go back to that old mind set. God has set me free from so many things. It’s just really awesome to see God bring her back, and see that the seeds my mom planted are growing. My mom probably got discouraged seeing her walk away, but God promised that when He starts a good thing in you, he will finish it until completition. He brought Heather back around, she’s got a great job, and she’s really involved in our church. God’s using her. We’re believing that God’s going to use her story to bring other girls like her to know Christ and see them get set free. It’s been really great to see her life changed.

Out of all your songs, is there one that really ministers to you?

The first one that I think of is “Don’t Worry Now” which is actually off of my first record Say It. That one really ministered to me on a personal level because it’s about my parents’s divorce. That was one of the hardest things I ever walked through. The song says that it’s gonna be okay no matter what you’re going through. God used that song to really bring healing into my life. I lived in a lot of sadness and held onto the hurt from my parent’s divorce for a long time. They were divorced when I was seven, and I was nineteen and still holding onto a lot of those things. God showed me when I was nineteen that I had not really forgiven my parents, and I didn’t even know it. But God showed me through a friend who was praying for me that I was holding onto a lot of things. Then I ended up writing “Don’t Worry Now” and it brought healing into my life. All my songs area really personal. They all somehow speak to me first, and sometimes I sing them and think, “Okay, I gotta figure out how to do this before I can tell other people how to do it!” God gives them to me for myself first. It’s like in “The Lost Get Found” it says, “I’m talking to me.” Usually I’m talking to myself first.

The Lost Get FoundDo you have any advice for Christian singles?

Go after the Lord. When you go after Him with your whole heart, He will bring you the desires of your heart. Seek first the kingdom of God, and everything else will be added to you. It’s very easy for singles to really seek after relationships. I’ve done that in my life at times. We all long to have that companionship, that love. But God can definitely satisfy every need. My prayer has always been that I can be God’s bride before I’m anybody else’s bride. I encourage people to go after the Lord and seek Him with their whole heart, and in the right timing the Lord will bring the right thing. And that way you don’t get caught up in something that’s not of the Lord, that’s not of God. The Bible talks about guarding your heart as well. Let Him bring it in His time.

What’s next for you musically?

You can expect something like my previous albums. We did Acoustic because we wanted people to really be able to hear the lyrics in the songs because my pop records have so many layers it’s not easy sometimes to not hear what the song’s about. We wanted people to really be able to hear the story in the song. Second, we had a lot of fans asking for me to do something acoustic because they had heard versions of the songs acoustically on YouTube and different radio stations, so they were asking if I would put something out like that. So hopefully maybe even people who don’t really love pop music will be able to hear the songs and like them done this way. But for my next record I’m going to still be the same artist I’ve always been. It’ll definitely be fun and pop.

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