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Saving Sarah Cain

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Saving Sarah Cain

Reviewed by Rel Mollet

"...a delightful film suitable for all the family to enjoy."

Frustrated by writer's block, newspaper columnist Sarah Cain (Lisa Pepper) is lacking inspiration and her neurotic boss, Bill (Academy Award Nominee Elliot Gould) demands she shape up or ship out. While pouring out her woes to her patient and devoted boyfriend Bryan, Sarah receives the shocking news that her Amish sister has passed away.

Sarah arrives in Pennsylvania in time for the funeral and meets her five nieces and nephews for the first time. Sarah is shocked to learn that she is the children's legal guardian and her self-absorbed life is about to change. Returning with the children to her modern apartment in Portland, Sarah fails to think through the implications for the grieving children. Attending school in the city, the children face new temptations and experiences, while the eldest, Lyddie (Abigail Mason) struggles to maintain their Plain ways and their deeply held faith.

As the cultural divide begins to shatter their solidarity, and when a betrayal strikes deep, Sarah and the children discover that forgiveness and family are worth more than she ever imagined.

Beverly Lewis's novel The Redemption of Sarah Cain has translated well to film with Michael Landon Jr ably directing a great cast. Lisa Pepper portrays the self focused Sarah Cain well and Elliott Gould is great fun as her acerbic newspaper editor. Abigail Mason does an exceptional job as Lyddie, trying to be both mother and sister to her siblings, showing both strength and vulnerability to perfection. Bailee Madison as little Hannah, the youngest child, steals the show with her mischievous smile. The other children are engaging and despite occasions when their Amish accent wavers, they are convincing in their roles.

Saving Sarah Cain is a delightful film suitable for all the family to enjoy. It celebrates the love of family and the healing power of forgiveness. The scenery is magical and the Plain life lovingly portrayed. Special features are well worth viewing as they take you behind the scenes and give Beverly Lewis' thoughts on the transition of her novel to film.

MPAA Rating: PG (for brief teen smoking)

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