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No Greater Love

Reviewed by Kyle Prohaska

"Finally a film that I can call a Christian film and it NOT fit the typical mold."

No Greater Love is bound to be a big surprise for many. I find it to be one of the best Christian films ever made, on every level of production. Not only the film itself, but the making of the film is a true example of professionalism. The film was shot in 15 days on a relatively micro budget compared to other films of its kind. The result is fantastic, and this film is sure to please viewers. Everyone in the cast fits perfectly to their role, and the acting is of a caliber not seen in any Christian film to date. Nothing is stereotypical in this film, and that's not a bad thing at all.

Anthony Tyler Quinn in the role of Jeff does a fantastic job with his character. There is a genuine humanity behind Quinn's performance, especially in the scenes with his son. There are moments of audible emotion---whether it be arguments or yelling or crying, but it's in the scenes where nothing is said that the most is said. There is so much about body language and what you're saying when you're saying nothing, and Quinn pulls this off well. Some of those scenes are as simple as him looking through his missing wife's old things and photos. The story hands can tell while holding an object is monumental. His interaction with T.J., played by Eric Bivens-Bush, are the most fun in the film, and their interaction feels real. Just two buddies hanging out a lot of the time. In the scenes where the talks are serious between the two of them, the chemistry is just as strong. The fact that the chemistry is solid in the humor as well as the drama really shows how well this film is cast. I really enjoyed his performance overall and I look forward to seeing him in a lot more films in the future.

Danielle Bisutti as Heather also shines in the film with a motherly affection that comes across very genuine. I keep saying genuine, but that is the nature of this film's acting---real and genuine. That is missing in a lot of Christian films, and I'm so glad to see it here. Danielle's eyes are sure to melt the hearts of female viewers, because they tell you everything. Jay fits the character of Dave like a glove. His enthusiastic and energetic nature might be found a little overdone by some, but I think it's a good balance. The scenes between Dave and Jeff are the most spiritually strong of the film and are handled with care. They aren't likely to come across as preachy to viewers as they are short and to the point but dense and saturated with purpose at the same time. There is nothing worse than a biblical or spiritual message in a film that has no purpose to be there or aspect of the story driving it. That isn't the case here, and I couldn't be more happy. Finally a film that I can call a Christian film and it NOT fit the typical mold.

The cinematography by Geoff Reisner is excellent and very pleasing to the eye. The film has an indie feel to it that I personally like, and it looks much more expensive than it is. Don't confuse indie with non-professional, because that isn't the case. The color in the film is very vibrant and saturated which really makes everything in the scenes pop. Almost every shot is rim lit in one way or another and ads to the contrast in the scenes. There isn't any flat lighting, and the DP took full advantage of the environments and the faces of the actors.

The music by Michelle Tumes is very nice and sinks into the background. If the music does its job and you don't notice it, you know you have a good score. The music doesn't distract, it just flows along with the scenes with nice ambiance and light piano, and the angelic vocals really intensify the drama.

Overall I think this film is quite the achievement. Coram Deo has a bright future ahead of them if any of their future projects are anywhere near this caliber. In my opinion, there's nowhere to go but up. Make sure when this film is released that you get yourself a copy and share it. If you're a filmmaker, let this film be an example to you of what can be done when you really have a great team of talented people who know their stuff. The cast and crew's work ethic ends up right where it needs to be---on the screen. Please don't miss this film. If it gets anywhere near the recognition it deserves, there's no way you'll be able to.

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Kyle ProhaskaKyle Prohaska is the CEO of Praise Pictures and the writer/director/producer of their first feature film Standing Firm. Find out more about the film at the Standing Firm website. Starting at the age of twelve up until the present, Kyle now has almost a decade of experience in almost every well known piece of video/image related software and web creation techniques. He is also the founder of the website Christian Film Trailers.