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Fireproof DVD

Reviewed by Kyle Prohaska

"This film isn't void of features---it's loaded."

The DVD everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. January 27th, 2009 is the day FIREPROOF, the little movie that could, hit store shelves around the world! It was named the most successful independant movie of 2008 with its 33 million dollar Box Office peak beating out many Hollywood films in the process, some of which are up for Oscars this year. So what can you expect with this DVD release? FEATURES, lots and lots of features.

Like many movie people, I love Special Features on DVD's. I sometimes re-buy films in Special Edition just for the newer in-depth interviews and documentaries. This film isn't void of features, it's loaded.

Making of FIREPROOF: TV Special – This documentary included all the behind the scenes videos available on the Fireproof website since last year. They are all strung together in one video beginning to end going over different aspects of the production. This is a good average quality behind the scenes video for viewers, everyone will enjoy it. Hearing about the Blessings from this set seems to never get old.

Filming a Movie in 30 Days: FIREPROOF Video Blog – This documentary quickly goes through all the weeks of production, giving you further insight. I loved seeing a lot more of the church process that is involved in the production, the boot camp, and the prayer covering the film BEFORE shooting. Nice to see how this came together. I've also had the pleasure of talking to many people at Sherwood over the last year by online chat, Facebook, email, or even phone. Seeing them in these videos put a smile on my face. These folks are great individuals, what an amazing set it must have been.

Commentary from the Kendrick Brothers – These two do great commentaries. I have listened to the commentaries for Flywheel and Facing the Giants more than a dozen times a piece. I love knowing all the little details about these films. I seem to have the special ability to re-watch things more times than the average human being, and therefore know almost every pieces of public info you can know. They give lots of great little bits of information on how they got locations, met their cast, mistakes in their shots, miracles on set, not to mention spiritual truth. How many film commentaries actually give you a spiritual boost? I mean seriously people, this is worth your while. Watch the film, then watch it with the commentary. If you like the film or love the film, you'll love it even more if you see it with the commentary.

FIREGOOFS & Firehouse Pranks – I loved seeing the bloopers and pranks on set. They scared Kirk really good many times. You can see the light hearted loving set this was. I love seeing this kind of thing. I'm all for being structured, prepared, and efficient on a set but sometimes you really need to relieve the stress and laugh. I wont ruin some of the moments, see these for yourselves.

I give the DVD release of FIREPROOF a perfect score! 5 out of 5 stars. This isn't just a good movie, it's a movement. Not to mention the special features on this disc are in such abundance that you have literally as much to watch about the movie as the movie itself, maybe more! The languages and subtitle options, although not necessarily useful for me, will be monumental in making sure this films full ministry potential is reached worldwide. This DVD is a fantastic addition to your home video library, make sure you make a space on your shelf for it.

I'm sad that no Blu-ray release was initiated. I would love to see this film on my 50in Plasma nice and crisp. Maybe there is a release coming in the future if the DVD sales do really well? Who knows! Come on Provident, make FIREPROOF your first best-selling Blu-ray disc!

There are many more features on the DVD and I'll leave those to explore for yourself! One thing I will mention is you'll find the trailer for an upcoming Provident Films release called Come What May. The Director George Escobar is a good friend and a great guy. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the 2009 San Antonio Independent Film Festival. Be sure to keep an eye out for this films release this Spring. The Kendricks personally selected this trailer to be included on the DVD.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For more information about the movie storyline, read our review of the theatrical version of Fireproof here.



Kyle ProhaskaKyle Prohaska is the CEO of Praise Pictures and the writer/director/producer of their first feature film Standing Firm. Find out more about the film at the Standing Firm website. Starting at the age of twelve up until the present, Kyle now has almost a decade of experience in almost every well known piece of video/image related software and web creation techniques. He is also the founder of the website Christian Film Trailers.