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Angel Wars The Messengers

The Advocate


Angel Wars: The Messengers

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"Through VeggieTalesque lessons and quirky humor, your kids will get a Sunday school lesson and a kick out of Angel Wars. "

On September 11, 2001, Creator Chris Water established Angel Wars. Angel Wars was originally started as a series for young children, age ranging from 5-10, with Angel Wars: Soul Quest distributed by Cactus Game Design. Though they abandoned that project (the teen 12-16) series became more popular, though this is not clear and there wasn’t a statement made on the reason) and produced Angel Wars: Guardian Force Episodes 1, 2, and 3 distributed by EMI CMG. The project was then transferred to Twentieth Century Fox and they have produced Episode 4 through 8 included in the new movie Angel Wars: The Messengers.

Through VeggieTalesque lessons and quirky humor, your kids will get a Sunday school lesson and a kick out of Angel Wars. If you had the pleasure of watching an Angel Wars episode, this is Star Wars and a Christian message twisted together for a sweet treat.

"Some Sound Advice” starts out this action-packed movie. Through this episode we finally get a small glimpse at the “Great War”. You also get some background on Paladin, a member of the Guardian Force, and are show how he got his wings and his upgrade from “aniwim” to angel status. The main lesson to pick out through this episode is, “When the Maker asks us to learn something, whether it’s music or numbers or science, there’s a reason for it. So embrace it, cause you never know when a new skill will come in handy.”
A misinterpretation of a dinosaur bone, a great evil, a relative of Goliath, a city partial destruction, and a battle between demons; all is encountered in “A Bone To Pick”. I think they put an “Easter Egg” in this episode for fans. The professor, still obsessing over Victoria (from episode 1) is included . The main theme: “Lean not on your own understanding”, and “humble yourself, before the Lord.”

In “Be Carful What You Wish For”, Aniwim Eli gets his wings . . . or does he? This episode tackles patience, self-control, and “pride cometh before the fall.” You even get a glimpse into the final episode (on this DVD). Eli has to overcome his inner demon (or maybe a not so inner demon as we find out in a later episode) of wanting wings so badly that he gets them from a demon. The bad thing is they start to overtake him and when he wants to take them off he can’t. Anger controls him for a while, until he learns a “shocking” lesson in humility.
As Angel Wars fans know, Eli and Kira have a hard time sticking together on missions.

The “Stick Together” episode is another portal of episode one. As one girl tries to clean up her neighborhood, demon bugs are taking over the one building. As Eli tracks one bug because he thinks he will find them, Kira falls upon a whole swarm. Sticking together is the best way to get through any situation.

"Return to Sender” introduces us to a new type of Angel, The Messengers; a super-fast delivery service. With a city and a sky ruled by evil, hope is the only thing that can purge the evil out of the city. A dire message must be delivered to the girl from the last episode. The powerful evil from “Be Careful What You Wish For” that granted Eli his cursed wings doesn’t want this message delivered. How can a five word simple message save a whole city? Find the power of hope in this great episode.

Character profiles, “Mind Your P’s and Q’s” (a sneak peak into the next episode), and trailers are the special features included on this DVD.

So take it easy some day, learn a little, laugh a little, and have some good clean leisure time as you and the kids enjoy themselves watching Angel Wars: The Messengers. If you haven’t watched the other episodes, catch up on them after watching this movie. What a great series. I can wait for more!

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