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Billy Blanks Shares 10 Ways to Make Your Dreams Come True

by Carol Kurtz

"Most people pray, 'God, give me the power to do this.' But you have to do the work. If you don't do the work you won't get the dream."
-- Billy Blanks

Do you have a dream? Is there something amazing you wish you could do someday? Billy Blanks had a dream at the age of 12 that seemed impossible. He dreamed of being a world champion in karate. But he lived in the projects and couldn’t afford the classes. He was dyslexic, and he had a ligament problem that kept him from sports.

People told Blanks he would never amount to anything. Even the local karate instructor said he didn’t have the patience to work with him. But Billy believed in his dream. He stepped out and made his dream come true, becoming a karate world champion seven times. Later he created Tae Bo, a world-wide phenomenon that is changing peoples’ lives – body, soul, and spirit. Even the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq love when Billy brings his Tae Bo team for a visit. He’s still fulfilling the dream God has given him, and you can fulfill your dreams too, with these pearls of wisdom Billy has come to live by:

Know Your Dream is From GodKNOW YOUR DREAM IS FROM GOD:

Billy says, “We are God’s creation. What is it He doesn’t want us to have? Jesus has made the way. All we have to do is get to work and go get it.” If the dream in your heart drives you to do better, if it encourages you, if it isn’t selfish, it’s from God. It will be good, positive, and it will give glory to Him. Listen to your heart. Billy reminds us, “The Bible tells us that ‘God so loved the world’, not just Christians.” Our dream should reflect the love of God to the world. Once that’s settled, don’t get caught up in doubting that your dream is from Him.


Blanks believes that once you have a vision of where you want to go, it’s time to step out. “Most people won’t do that. They hide their dream or they get scared. They only go as far as they can control. God is the God of the impossible. He doesn’t give you dreams you can do on your own.” You’ve got to go beyond your limitations into God’s territory. Take a step that brings you out of your own power and into God’s, where all things are possible.


The key to reaching our dreams is understanding that the unexpected is going to show up. Billy says, “If you work towards a dream thinking problems aren’t going to come your way, you’ll be caught off guard. You’ll get slapped in the face and end up quitting.” Expect the unexpected. When a setback does pop up just say, “Okay, I knew that was coming. Now I’ll just work a little harder.”

Take a DetourTAKE A DETOUR:

The pursuit of our dreams can be compared to being on a highway, an analogy Blanks often uses. When you come to a road block, what do you do? You take a detour. You look for other ways to get there. He points out that you may even find a better way. But when most people reach a road block they say, “Well, I guess God doesn’t want me to have my dream.”

Billy’s first detour was a big disappointment to him. He was presented an envelope from a local Rotary club. On stage they told him they were going to sponsor him financially to go to the karate world championships. He didn’t have the money to go any other way. He was thrilled until he later opened the envelope. There was a check for $20 inside. Hurt and discouraged, he didn’t give up. His mom and her friends raised money by cooking chicken dinners, and after a lot of local fund raising, he finally got there. When he came back, he thanked his community for supporting him. He recalls, “That was my detour. I found another way to go. I could have been bitter. But when I came back I didn’t say anything bad about anyone. I found a way to take the negative and turn it into a positive.”Billy Blanks

Don't Hide Your FaithDON'T HIDE YOUR FAITH:

“When I gave my life to Christ, that’s when God said, ‘I’m going to use that man.’ All the work I’d done up to that time was dead,” Billy remembers. “When I achieved my goal, I found it was empty. I thought it would fulfill me, but it didn’t. I was looking for peace and joy. Only when I accepted Christ was I truly fulfilled. I went to Trinidad recently to speak, and I had to tell them, ‘When I talk about success, Jesus Christ is a big part of everything I do. I can’t tell you anything else.’” Look for opportunities to glorify God with your dream, and don’t keep what He’s done for you a secret.

Faith Without Works is DeadFAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD:

“Most people pray, ‘God, give me the power to do this’,” Billy explains. “But you have to do the work. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the dream. You already have the power.” Don’t wait for God to deliver the dream to your doorstep. He’s given that dream to you, and He wants you to go get it. “People tell me I’m lucky,” Billy says. “I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. And I walk into situations prepared. I do the work.” Train yourself for the dream God’s given you. Billy is convinced “It takes work to reach your dreams. God didn’t say it was going to be easy. You may go through pain and suffering, but that’s what it takes to be successful.”


Slow And Steady Wins the RaceSLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE:

You might not reach your goal as quickly as you’d like. Blanks believes if you do the work, the dream will come. He says, “If something comes slowly it builds a foundation in your life. Nobody can take it from you. You know how you got there. Overnight success may be exciting, but it won’t last. You may not be able to hold onto it.” Take the time to work, and work, and work. Then when you get there, you’ll know how to keep it.

Don't QuitDON'T QUIT:

Don’t just try to fulfill your dream. Billy leans forward and explains, “I don’t try to walk through that door; I know how to walk through that door. Why try?” Billy believes if you’re just trying, you don’t have the confidence you need to get there. When a stumbling block gets in your way, you’re likely to quit. It will turn you around. When the local karate instructor refused to teach Billy, he spent months watching the classes, following along, and imitating the moves. He spent countless hours practicing on his own. “I learned that I must know I can do it, not just believe I can do it,” he says. Have faith that you will reach your goal, and you’ll get there.

Make Prayer a Way of Life 24/7MAKE PRAYER A WAY OF LIFE 24/7:

Billy talks to God all day, giving thanks for everything he has. “My prayer life is like my skin. You can never peel it off. It’s a part of me,” he says as he pinches the skin on his arm. “I’m always talking to Him.” Prayer keeps us focused. It refuels us as we work toward our dreams, keeping the lines of communication open for His guidance. “Every day when I wake up I have to choke my senses to stay disciplined. I’m not perfect, but Jesus makes me perfect in Him.”

Stand on Solid GroundSTAND ON SOLID GROUND:

The Word of God must be the foundation of everything we do in order to stand strong and not falter in the pursuit of our dreams. Billy’s eyes brighten when he says, “The Word is the number one thing in my life. I fit everything else around it. Without the Word of God, I have nothing. I tell people success comes through faith, through the Word of God. That’s how I got where I am today. That’s what excites me most. You can count on it.” You can even build your dream on it.


Two things people might be surprised to know:
I am a friendly person, and I work everyday. I don’t just make Tae Bo tapes; I teach every day. I love to help people.

Three things always found in you refrigerator:
Ginger ale. I love ginger ale (Laughs). And Chinese food. I don’ eat too much junk, but I love Hagen Dazs ice cream. That s-u-r-e- is good.

You're in line at Starbucks. What are you ordering?
I don’t drink much coffee. I’d be too wired if I drank caffeine. I had to quit drinking Pepsi because of that.

What's currently in your iPod:
I am a music producer now. My music is Gospel music. I make the music for the Tae Bo work outs. The work-out music has great Christian lyrics, too.

Your favorite book besides the Bible:
It really is the Bible. But I also love Kenneth Hagin’s book on Faith.

Carol Kurtz Darlington is a certified personal trainer and a certified group fitness instructor who works with people who want to lose weight as well as those who just want to enjoy better health. She enjoys empowering and encouraging others to reach their health and fitness goals, feel better about themselves in the process, and enjoy more energy to stay active in all areas of their lives. She is the founder of Totally Fit With Carol, a Christian weight loss website featuring workout videos, health tips, exercise advice, and more. She loves her morning cappuccino and her beloved grand-dog. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and haunting Starbucks.