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We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real

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We Need Each Other

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We Need Each Other by Sanctus Real

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"[Sanctus Real has] sparked a fuse on a collection of songs that are ready to explode."

With one huge album release after another, band Sanctus Real, returns after two years from chart topping The Face of Love, on the brink of climbing the hits once again. We Need Each Other is the band’s next creation. Here they have sparked a fuse on a collection of songs that are ready to explode.

Taking off with the hard hitting track “Hit the Lights” Sanctus Real keeps their status quo in the rock department, as they are known for, starting this album off with a great debut. As in their previous albums, the title track or radio singles seem to be Sanctus Real’s strongest cuts. On this album the title track, “We Need Each Other”, is no exception. Obvious of the title, the song describes our great need of one another in life and love, an underlining theme throughout the record. “Black Coal” is another guitar driven tune, which shows off the band’s newest member, guitarist Pete Provost and his talent as a musician. The song’s lyrics portray finding our shining diamonds within ourselves in God’s eyes.

Switching gears into the spiritually dramatic “Whatever You’re Doing” and the very modern ballad “Lay Down My Guns”, a genre Sanctus Real has come to perfect. Catchy rock anthems “Sing” and “Leap of Faith” bulk up these guys’ will to dominate the pop rock genre, with lyrics that guide us into our own souls that are searching deep for meaning and belonging. The song “Eternal” speaks of heartfelt fusing of love between us and our Savior, much relevant of vows taken in marriage. The folk flavor “Half Our Lives” brings out frontman Matt Hammitt’s strongest work to date, and he’s joined by female vocalist Katie Herzig. The song tells the youthful tale of innocence and growing older. The final track, “Legacy”, boasts how to live our one life to the fullest leaving behind a legacy worth something, and it rounds out this quality album.

The band’s signature sound is very well intact and represented in such a way that is central to them as a group. Drawing from real feelings and delivering on honest themes, Sanctus Real has delivered a top notch fourth album.

Sanctus Real has become a force to be reckoned over the many years they’ve been within the Christian music scene. Snatching up awards and hit singles, they are poised to be a long lasting brotherhood of talented musicians.

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