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Unbreakable by Fireflight

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Unbreakable by Fireflight

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"Unbreakable is an explosion of music for those who need a radical change or just want to praise the Lord in rocking fashion."

Are you ready for this? 2006 introduced us to hard rock band Fireflight with their first release The Healing of Harms, a bounding success. The band’s follow up album Unbreakable is quite the same victory. Straight off from their single of the same name, “Unbreakable”, it hit primetime TV as the theme song to NBC’s Bionic Woman. And Fireflight doesn’t stop there. Visit the website www.iamunbreakable.com and read about fans and individual’s accounts of what the song means to them. After a while you will start to understand the power of just one of Fireflight’s songs from this album.

On this sophomore project, Fireflight just lets the hits keep coming. Known for their heavy rock anthems and howling vocals, the music gets the heart pounding on tracks such as “You Gave Me a Promise” and “The Hunger”. You had better hold on tight though, songs like “Forever” and “Wrapped Up in Your Arms” start out soft and mellow, but then give into slamming rock ballads that show off Fireflight’s talent and passion.

The band’s truths in their lyrics are clear and uplifting as in the song “Brand New Day”, which connects our lives with Christ, who leads the way for us. With deep meaning and spiritual effectiveness, Fireflight has the unique ability to refresh and restart listener’s uncertain or faltering faith in God. Lead singer Dawn Richardson belts out the lyrics in a fiery manner proving her fervor for the Lord and showing that a woman’s inner beliefs can overpower any doubting in Jesus name.

Unbreakable is an explosion of music for those who need a radical change or just want to praise the Lord in rocking fashion. Fans of this band will have no problem picking up where The Healing of Harms took off, but new listeners will be introduced to great music with powerful messages. Fireflight seems to have laid down a giant step in their career with this album, one that will carry them to top with hits like these.

Cory ClubbCory Clubb is author of the novel Saved by Grace and currently working on his first thriller. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and is always seeking to advance his talent as a writer. He is an avid reader, movie buff, and music enthusiast, tools he uses to infuse his imagination. He lives in central Illinois with his wife and three sons. You can find out more about his projects at his blog.