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Travel by Future of Forestry

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Travel by Future of Forestry

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"Travel is a journey into something new that lengthens the creative ability of the band with more to come."

Band Future of Forestry first found indie success with their 2007 release of Twilight. The group’s EP, Travel, is moody and moving and just the first of a three part collection of similar EP releases.

Exploring the brightness, colors, and sensations that we encounter with acoustic, brit-pop, and worship sounds, the tracks instill hope, trust, and the closeness of how our world spins around us, as in “Close Your Eyes” and “Closer To Me”. More so, the lyrics are straightforward and imply simple words of praise in symbolic fashion. “This Hour” beats things up, showing off Future of Forestry’s skill to keep the listener guessing as they cruise along. This music is refreshing and new instead of the mainstream bands that get jammed down our throats at times.

Travel is packed tight, and if you are a first time listener you can jump right in. There is a sonic melodic feel to the album that mixes emotions and promotes thoughts of imagination and encouragement. Fans of MuteMath, Deas Vail, and The Fray will enjoy this release and the others to follow.

Future of Forestry is a unique and interesting band that creates music that has a different feel to it. Travel is a journey into something new that lengthens the creative ability of the band with more to come.

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