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Take Everything by Seventh Day Slumber

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"Seventh Day Slumber offers unbiased Christian music that doesn’t water down the message just to get more fans."

Seventh Day Slumber runs a ministry in Spring Hill, Tennessee called Teenhopeline, Inc., which aids teens and adult through tough problems. It’s also for if you just need someone to talk to that will listen. The first time I saw SDS in concert was at a Mennonite Church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. I had the privilege of meeting the band on their tour bus, and have met them on several other occasions. The lead singer, Joseph Rojas, has a great testimony to reach out to the hurting, broken, or those suffering with addiction (those who Teenhopeline, Inc. is there for). With a four-hundred dollar-a-day cocaine addiction, Joseph tried to commit suicide. His mother found him and called nine-one-one. In transit to the hospital within an ambulance, he prayed for God to spare him from this incident, and in that moment he felt the presence of God. This information has been widespread since 2004 but Joseph’s father was saved at one of Seventh Day Slumber’s concerts. His father’s conversion is one of the main catalysts behind Take Everything.

Take Everything is Seventh Day’s first collection of praise and worship songs, including: “I Can Only Imagine”, “Everlasting God”, “Lead Me To The Cross”, and their own, “Oceans From The Rain”. Seventh Day rocks these praise and worship songs, and Joseph’s unique rock voice is a bonus. If you’re a rock fan, this praise and worship CD isn’t to be missed. It isn’t just another collection of remade praise and worship songs; Seventh Day Slumber adds one new song into the mix. These two are the best songs on the CD. “Take Everything” is a song of healing and redemption. At the beginning, it says how the songs are just empty unless we have the right heart behind it and how they’ve missed the only thing that matters so many times.

Seventh Day Slumber offers unbiased Christian music that doesn’t water down the message just to get more fans. The cover for this album is awesome; it depicts a man ripping open his shirt and a mysterious power taking over the inside. It the cover doesn’t get your interest piqued, I don’t know what will. It’s one of the best covers I’ve seen.

“ Praising you is not just the songs I sing/ Jesus here I am, take everything/ take the pain inside take the brokenness/ don’t stop till there’s nothing left/ my arrogance my pride/ my loss of innocence/ Jesus take everything/ when there’s nothing left of me/ that’s when I feel alive,”
...what great lyrics!!!

Seventh Day Slumber is taking everything that they know and using it to allow God to take everything within them to be a witness in these troubled times.

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