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Sharecropper's Seed Volume 1 by Nicole C. Mullen

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Review of Sharecropper's Seed Vol. 1
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Sharecropper's Seed Volume 1

by Nicole C. Mullen

Reviewed by Christa A. Banister

"...has the goosebump-inducing quality about it that warrants repeated listens."

Nicole C. Mullen has always had the diva voice (see smash hits like “Redeemer,” “Call on Jesus”) without the diva attitude. And that humble, easy-going nature has never been more beautifully reflected as on Sharecropper’s Seed: Volume 1, a project dedicated to the people most important in her life.

With a more stripped-down style than her previous albums have favored, the first surprise of Sharecropper’s Seed is the opening cut, the introspective title track. And while this more laid back approach may seem a little too restrained for some, the lack of bells and whistles gorgeously showcase her scale-the-register vocals more than ever before. And later on, nostalgic numbers like “I Wish” and “When I Grow Up,” which was written from the perspective of a child who longs to be just like his/her parents when he/she grows up, also benefits from the same simple craftsmanship as the thoughtful lyrics have a chance to shine.

But before someone assumes he/she has the album’s formula all figured out, the funky “So in Love” is the album’s proverbial curve ball as Mullen provides plenty of her trademark spunk as she sings about her admiration for her hubby, producer David Mullen. And along the same family-oriented lines “Baby Love” is also a standout track as she sings about her admiration for her kids.

And while most of the tracks are dedicated to specific people in her life, she hasn’t forgotten her Creator in the process as “Convinced” speaks about her deeply rooted faith in Christ. Much like “Redeemer” it has the goosebump-inducing quality about it that certainly—like the rest of the album—warrants repeated listens.

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