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See You by Josh Wilson

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See You by Josh Wilson

Reviewed by Amy Sondova

"Something magical happens when Josh Wilson weaves word with sound and the result is See You, an album I cannot more highly recommend."

If music is the universal language, then Josh Wilson is a master linguist. Once again, Wilson produces a delectable masterpiece with his latest studio release, See You. The album’s title track, “See You,” talks about “seeing” the hands of God, even when they’re not evident in the life’s mire. The whole album, really, is about seeing God whether in the beauty of a new marriage, the devastation of a divorce, in the streets of India, or even in our own unbelief. Wilson takes the concept of seeing and provides a full emotional experience that is joyful, worshipful, gentle, heartbreaking, wild, and even playful.

From the first track “Sing It,” a rallying cry to worship, to the last (a reprise of “Sing It”), See You is a fully developed album. Each song exists as a defining moment, yet one melody gives way to the next pulling See You’s narrative along. “I Refuse,” the album’s first single, shows that inaction is unacceptable, calling listeners to make a positive mark on society. The poppy and playful “Always Only You” is a love song for Wilson’s wife Becca while “Behind the Beauty” calls us back to the idea of “seeing” what God has created.

Something magical happens when Josh Wilson weaves word with sound and the result is See You, an album I cannot more highly recommend.

Amy’s Rating: 5/5

Amy SondovaAmy Sondova is a writer specializing in media writing, including interviews and reviews, as well as blogging. Having interviewed over 30 of the top musicians, writers, and speakers in the Christian media, Amy has also written countless columns, reviews, and articles on various topics including mental illness, self-injury, working with teenagers, and Christianity. As well as holding a B.A. in communications, Amy holds a M.A. in biblical counseling, and has worked as a professional therapist. You can visit Amy’s online playground at BackseatWriter.com which offers a combination interviews, reviews, personal columns, and photography.