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More than Noise by Pocketful of Rocks

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Review of More than Noise


The Advocate

More than Noise by Pocketful of Rocks

Reviewed by Melissa Lockcuff

"This CD is not just an ordinary music CD; it’s a CD full of songs that have a rich message throughout."

Pocket Full of Rocks is a band that has been around for 14 years, travelling around to churches and different areas in order to spread their message of worship. Made up of Michael Farren, Alisa Farren, Jody Crump, Ryan Riggins, & David Rollins, this band comes together in a way that just brings life to the music that they compose and sing. We are called to be salt and light to a world in need, to see that our worship spurs us to action. Our worship must be More Than Noise.

Their new cd, More Than Noise, is a testament to their faith. In stores March 2, it is full of songs that are both worshipful and inspiring. The songs include:

1. Alive
2. Strong
3. Come as You Are
4. Ever Close to you
5. Jesus Died My Soul to Save
6. Let our God Be Praised
7. Wonderful
8. Let It Rain
9. Your Love for Me
10. When Love Whispers Your Name
11. A Worshipper’s Prayer

Some of the songs have almost a rock feel to them with stronger, faster beats, while others have a more calming, worshipful atmosphere to them.

The first song "Alive" is a more upbeat song about the transformation that takes place when we put our trust in God and accept His gift of salvation….it speaks of the transforming power that takes over our lives. Not that life is going to be easy, evidenced by the words in the song that say His mercy and grace are new every day, but that He can change us. It speaks of how once we are a child of God, we are fully alive, spreading the Word to those around us, to a world in need.
A favorite song of mine had to be "Jesus Died My Soul to Save". With Easter approaching, this song brings the story of the agony Christ suffered to life, everything He went through in order that I might be saved. You can feel His love in this song, as it has an attitude of worship throughout. It’s the message of hope to those who are still stuck in the rut of sin with no one to turn to.

This CD is not just an ordinary music CD; it’s a CD full of songs that have a rich message throughout. Some will make you want to get up and dance; others will make you want to lift up your hands to Heaven, worshipping Him as you listen.

Melissa Lockcuff: Mel is a homeschooling mom who never tires of reading with her two adventurous little boys. After working as a nurse and a teacher, she realized where her personal priorities truly lay, and she made the decision to stay home with her boys. Mel has since found a true passion for writing. Right now, she writes articles and short pieces, and she is also learning how to write literature for children. She loves all things blogging, and her personal blog, Real Heart Prints, has topics like motherhood; homeschooling; recipes; devotionals; crafting; reviews on books, movies, and other products; giveaways; and all things home and garden; etc. She currently writes reviews with the TOS Crew, and she has also partnered with a friend and fellow writer to form MamaBuzz, where she enjoys writing reviews for children's products and ministering/writing to women through that venue. She has started work on her first book, which she hopes to finish within the next few months.