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More Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz

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Review of More Beautiful You

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Beautiful You by Jonny Diaz

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"Jonny has put together an intelligent album whose lyrics are of great depth."

Jonny Diaz went to college on a baseball scholarship, but God had other plans. Jonny soon picked up his guitar and the buzz went out nationwide. Jonny is the fourth of four brothers to go to college on a baseball scholarship, so you can only image how big a decision it was to go the music route. Matt Diaz, Jonny’s brother, currently plays for the Atlanta Braves as a left fielder. Jonny released his debut album in 2003, and has since produced four albums, the latest being “More Beautiful You”.

The title track, "More Beautiful You", starts out the album and explores how most women have low self image. This song states that beauty is what on the outside but what/ who is on the inside. This verse says it the best, “So turn around you’re not too far/ To back away be who you are/ To change your path go another way/ it’s not too late you can be saved/ If you feel depressed with past regrets/ The shameful nights hop to forget/ Can disappear they can all be wash away/ By the one who’s strong can right you wrongs/ Can rid your fear dry all you tears/ And change the way you look at this big world/ He will take you dark distorted view/ And with his like he will show you truth/ and again you’ll see through the eyes of a little girl.”

“Love like You Loved” is a catchy tune, and a personal prayer to be more like the Messiah and less like ourselves. “Waiting Room” shows the condition of the human heart toward prays answered the way we don’t want them. Jonny probably wrote this from his personal decision to become a singer instead of a baseball player. “See the Wind” is my favorite song on the album. It describes how through this life and its hectic uniform, it tends to drown out God’s every day miracles---for now we can’t see him but one day we will see the un-seeable.

Jonny has put together an intelligent album whose lyrics are of great depth, all songs having been written or co-written by Jonny. This collection of tracks from Jonny Diaz is a must have. As Theresa Ross said, “Jonny’s sound is ‘now’”.

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