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by Inhabited

Reviewed by Tracy Darlington

"Their songs are unapologetic and the lyrics unashamed, naturally reflecting the heart of the band who isn't afraid to share the gospel with their listeners."

At 2 am a wary police officer watches on the sidelines as Inhabited plays soulfully in the parking lot of Love’s Truck Stop. Seems like the perfect place to give an impromptu mini concert to promote their new album, Love. The group’s MySpace page is full of video clips like this, showcasing the band’s humor and sense of play. And it carries over into this latest project, like when Sarah croons, “They’re sleeping in a parking lot” on “One Show”, one of the lighter cuts on the band’s third album.

Brother Marcus and Sister Sara launched Inhabited with an independent project, Innerview, in 2003. They later signed with Fervent for Revolution, which gave us a more mature, polished sound, especially in the hit song "Rescue Me". The band is now signed with 7 Spin Music for this record, with a few cast changes. Maybe a little less polished, in this case it’s a good thing. With a 10 track roster featuring the ever popular song “Hush” and “We Will Live” is sure to fire up the audiences for Jesus. But Love brings us more serious songs too, like “A Song to the Fatherless”, written as an encouragement for people who don’t have a father in their lives. It’s a ballad reminding them that they have a Father in heaven who cares for them. The track really hits home in a powerful way for the majority of kids today who come from broken homes. I see this song hitting the top 40 on radio stations across the country, partly because of the great message. For those of you looking for an 80's feel, the track “I Want to Know” (Sara’s personal favorite) is right up your alley.

It seems God is inhabiting the praises of Inhabited. Sara’s voice is perfect for the rock vibe of the group. There’s a dominant electric guitar and bass line that gives them their trademark sound, a cross between Benjamin Gate and Fireflight with a bit more pop. These guys play their instruments well, blending together to form one unique consistent sound, without being dominated by the powerful drums.

Their songs are unapologetic and the lyrics unashamed, naturally reflecting the heart of the band who isn’t afraid to share the gospel with their listeners. Sara explains, “We live in a love sick society, where we continue to substitute ‘a bunch of junk’ for stuff that really matters, which always leaves us empty. It is our passion to love people, and meet them where they are, no matter who they are, just like Jesus did. And if we can do that, I believe we can change our world!” A lofty goal, but the way they’re going, Inhabited may be able to do just that.

Tracy DarlingtonTracy Darlington is a freelance writer, and her work has appeared in Brio, Breakaway, YS, CCM Magazine, Insight, Susie Magazine, and other publications. She has interviewed countless Christian musicians including Rebecca St. James, Delirious, Newsboys, Leigh Nash, Barlowgirl, Krystal Meyers, Joy Williams, Pillar, Michelle Tumes, and many others. In her spare time she can be found riding horses or listening to music and sipping a Venti 3-shot sugar-free vanilla latte. Visit her online at her blog where she talks about Music, God, dogs and coffee. You can also look her up at Twitter and Facebook.