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The Live Experience by Keith Green

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The Live Experience by Keith Green

Reviewed by John Perrodin

"...takes believers back to deep, spiritual roots of musical expression."

On July 28, 1982 Keith Green, 28, climbed into a plane with two of his young children, Josiah and Bethany, to look over the property at Last Days Ministries. Hundreds of pounds overweight, the plane crashed, killing all aboard. Surely even decades later his loved ones must regret the choices made that fateful day. Among countless other losses, Keith missed holding his yet unborn daughter, Rachel. His family and future were shattered. All that remained of his piercing voice and brilliant piano work were the recordings already captured. And life went on.

At our wedding, my wife and I sang Melody’s song, “Make My Life a Prayer to You,” one of the classics included on Keith Green: The Live Experience. It has always been a favorite and still clutches my heart. After his death, we were privileged to watch Melody speak at one of the Keith Green Memorial concerts. She shared the message that we need to turn to Jesus, fully and completely. For Keith, offering music to the Lord meant “glorifying the only Worthy One.” Pointing all eyes to Him is the “most important goal.” That’s what his music accomplishes still.

The Live Experience includes soaring classics like “Easter Song,” “There is a Redeemer,” and “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful.” When he asked, “How Can You Live Without Jesus?” we knew that he honestly cared about the answer. What makes this CD so worthwhile are the opportunities to hear snippets of Keith’s quick wit and sense his tender heart for the lost. Every song breathes with piano and vocal variations. Culled from live concerts, there’s no studio mixing or background accompaniment to detract from Keith’s fresh presentation.

If Keith Green had survived into his 50s, Christian music today would probably be far different – maybe (hopefully) less like its secular counterpart. Less focused on spectacle and high ticket prices, more focused on showing love for Jesus. This CD takes believers back to deep, spiritual roots of musical expression.

Keith once said, “I repent of ever having recorded one single song…if my music, and more importantly, my life has not provoked you…to sell out more completely to Jesus!” That’s compelling passion and a powerful example for today’s celebrity-obsessed culture.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan, or a newcomer to his stunning message in music, Keith Green: The Live Experience will give you a chance to experience refreshment and hope, along with soaring vocals and lithe piano-playing. The anointing of God remains as Keith continues to urge listeners to live without compromise. Support this release and, hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to hear many other treasures from the vaults. Another plus, the CD unlocks bonus songs, videos, and photos online. Don’t expect your eyes to long remain dry after hearing this sweet offering to Jesus.

John PerrodinJohn Perrodin is the Senior Editor for the Christian Writers Guild. He co-authored the Renegade Spirit Trilogy with Jerry B. Jenkins. The latest release in that series is Seclusion Point (Thomas Nelson). His book, Simple Little Words: What You Say Can Change a Life, written with Michelle Cox, releases in April 2008 from David C. Cook. Please visit www.simplelittlewords.com to find out more about the book, and visit John's website www.johnperrodin.com to find out more about his writing.