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Letting Go by Bread of Stone

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Letting God by Bread of Stone

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"This CD is laced with hard hitting issues we face everyday..."

From having the privilege of sharing the stage with artists like Petra, DecembeRadio, and Casting Pearls to Toby Mac, Jars of Clay, and Chris Tomlin, Bread of Stone (BOS) has captivated audiences everywhere with astonishing performances as they expand their boundaries. They are infused with an energy that finds its source in their passion for bringing others closer to Jesus, and they have a unique sound that’s all their own. Having released two CDs, they are fine tuning their message and honing in on their God-given talents. When questioned about their name Bread of Stone, they stated, “We are merely stones that God turns into bread to feed the hungry and that without Him, no one can accomplish good in this downfallen world.” Their new project, Letting Go, is filled with the message of complete surrender.

BOS’s foreman and song writer, Ben’s, journey into a deeper relationship with Jesus as he came to the conclusion that the only way to have true friendship with Christ was to humble himself, is the basis from which Letting Go is tailored. “Everyday” is a chance at new life and says that we can only be made beautiful in Christ. “Letting Go” speaks on how we as Christians want to have less of ourselves and be consumed by Him. A declaration, “Somewhere”, is a song of how God is somewhere out there and that at the end of this journey we’ll see out savior’s face, be at his side, feel his warm embrace, and we will never be the same again. “I Want” is a declaration and longing to know the existence of God, and to be with Him someday.

So many have been persuaded by the tribulations and lies of this world, states “Life of Truth”, and we need to take them by the hand, showing them God through our life. “Not My Own” states how this life goes by so quickly and how the only way we can make a difference is if we humble ourselves before God and allow Him to guide our life. We can’t do anything on our own accord to deserve or not deserve God’s love through anything within ourselves, says Mark through “Never Buy Your Love”, but it is through God’s grace and mercy and Jesus’ sacrifice that we can be saved. All we have belongs to God and everything we have should be used for His glory, states “Obsession”, and God is our only true obsession, to use His possessions, that have been lent to us, for his glory. “One More Time” is a plea that God will use us one more time, even though we have turned our back on Him. “Frozen In Time” is a call to action, for the hurting and lost people around the world; “So what/ What are we waiting for/ Can we see the tears that fall down/ Are we frozen in time.” We want to change our life and ways but we can’t seem to ever get to that changing point, states “Take My Life”, a plea for God to take our life as our offering.

This CD is laced with hard hitting issues we face everyday, and praise to Him. The album is highlighted with unforgettable melodies and genuine lyrics that speak the truths for life. Through BOS’s ministry/outreach, they have seen numerous others letting go and coming to Christ.

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