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Josh Wilson self-titled

Reviewed by Amy Sondova

"Josh is the real deal in an airbrushed, over-edited world."

Josh Wilson isn’t just one of the nicest guys in Nashville; he’s also one of the most talented. And that’s saying a lot in a city chock full of musical geniuses. This humble singer/songwriter would not count himself among the elite, but his latest self-titled release proves that Josh Wilson will soon be a household name. That is, if he’s not already.

A mash-up of his first two Sparrow Records releases—Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup (2008) and Life Is Not a Snapshot (2009)—the self-titled compilation includes my favorite Wilson song, “Savior, Please” and his first #1 hit, “Before the Morning.” The album also contains fan favorites like Wilson’s incredible instrumental version of “Amazing Grace” (Note: Even more incredible performed at a live show), “3 Minute Song” and “Sing.” Of course, it’s hard to pick out a favorite on an album full of all my favorite Josh Wilson songs.

Let’s me level with you—Josh is the real deal in an airbrushed, over-edited world. Not only is his music extraordinary, his love for God and people shines through his persona and radiates in his craft. I cannot more highly recommend Josh Wilson for people of all ages.

Amy SondovaAmy Sondova is a writer specializing in media writing, including interviews and reviews, as well as blogging. Having interviewed over 30 of the top musicians, writers, and speakers in the Christian media, Amy has also written countless columns, reviews, and articles on various topics including mental illness, self-injury, working with teenagers, and Christianity. As well as holding a B.A. in communications, Amy holds a M.A. in biblical counseling, and has worked as a professional therapist. You can visit Amy’s online playground at BackseatWriter.com which offers a combination interviews, reviews, personal columns, and photography.