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How Can We Be Silent
by Barlowgirl

Reviewed by Darcie Gudger

"How Can We Be Silent rocks. Hard. This album will be sure to rise to the 'most played' list in your music player."

We can’t – be silent, that is, especially about this incredible new release. Believe me, if you liked BarlowGirl before, you’ll love them after listening to their new release, How Can We be Silent.

How Can We Be Silent presents the trio of sisters at their very best. The lyrics, musical style and diversity reach a higher plane of maturity than previous albums BarlowGirl and Another Journal Entry. Styles range from hard rock (“Million Voices”) to a surprising “One More Round” which is a funky jazz number complete with the coolest walking bass line. I can’t help but punch the “back” button on my iPod to replay that track over and over again.

Lyrically, my favorite song is cut 2 – “I Believe In Love”. Most, if not all of us, will walk through long periods of time where we notice the excruciating absence of God. Ponder these faith-building words for a minute - I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining, I believe in love. Even when I don’t feel it, and I believe in God. Even when He is silent and I, I believe…

What separates BarlowGirl from the rest of young female vocalists is their understanding of the reality of walking with Christ. Being a Christian is hard. Sometimes it downright stinks. Jesus himself says, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world! (John 16:33).” Barlow Girl captures the emotions for these seasons offering hope. Their tight vocal harmonies and deeply textured instrumentation pull the soul of the listener into the presence of God.

In “Keep Quiet”, lead vocalist Alyssa challenges us to be bold in sharing our faith, Jesus, Jesus, why’s your name offensive? Why are we so scared to tell this world you saved us? When all of our hope, all the world’s in your name – why are we so scared to say Jesus? The driving electric guitar and beat help drill the question into our brains while making it obvious Lauren, Alyssa and Becca aren’t afraid to say His name.

Most importantly, BarlowGirl practices what they preach. They are great role models for teens struggling to stay pure and focused on Christ in a postmodern world. Take time to read their thoughts on their website www.barlowgirl.com.

How Can We Be Silent rocks. Hard. This album will be sure to rise to the “most played” list on your music player.

Darcie Gudger is a freelance writer currently working on a young adult novel while trying to solve all the mysteries of motherhood with her adopted son, Kyle. In her spare time, she coaches the 2A Colorado State Champion Sheridan High School colorguard, judged equipment for the Rocky Mountain Colorguard Association and sings for the Bear Valley church choir and worship team. An adventure-seeker who lives and writes in the shadow of the Rocky mountains, Darcie loves hiking, camping, cycling, photography and keeping her husband guessing. Visit Darcie online at her blog, Joy in the Litterbox.