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The Glorious Revolution by Grey Holiday

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The Advocate

Glorius Revolution
by Grey Holiday

Reviewed by Katie Hart

"Infuses pop and rock in radio-friendly melodies and matching them with surprisingly deep song lyrics..."

Grey Holiday brings a fresh sound in their six-song EP debut, The Glorious Revolution. Infusing pop and rock in radio-friendly melodies and matching them with surprisingly deep lyrics, the songs hold their own against those performed by industry veterans.

What makes the difference? My guess is the band members’ long-standing friendship. “We have always been willing to sacrifice for our music, but our friendship has, and always will, come first,” says Matt Minor (vocals, keys, guitar). When Matt and Steven Bedingfield (guitar, electronics, programming) wanted to start a rock band, they didn’t want to sift through a bunch of other musicians. Instead, they turned to their friends R.T. Bodet and Josh Fenoglio and asked if they wanted to join.

Only problem – R.T. had never played bass, and Josh couldn’t play drums. But countless hours of practicing and the added pressure of booked shows soon paid off. They chose the band name to convey the dichotomy of Good Friday’s sorrow and Easter’s joy. As Grey Holiday continued to meld, playing other artist’s songs soon grew tiresome, and the four began writing songs to communicate their urgency for making a difference in the world.

Lush strings mesh with crisp beats to provide the perfect backdrop for the slightly rough edge of Matt’s vocals, and smooth harmonies enrich the sound. Whether with sweeping violin and piano or sizzling electric guitar, these tunes burrow down unforgettably in the mind.

The album opens with the dynamic “Glorious,” which calls us to see the glory in those around us – to view them as they were created to be. “Let Go” slows the pace a bit and asks for God’s help to release the things that are dragging us down.

Easily the most beautiful song on the album, “You Belong to Me” brings a yearning tone in a love song from God to us. The next song, “Revolution,” has the catchiest chorus I’ve come across in a long time. Even hours after listening to the song, “We keep waiting on the world to stop, but it won’t slow down and we’ll never catch up,” continues its repeat refrain.

“Where You Want Me” uses a toe-tapping beat and funky guitar riffs to expound upon being placed in the center of God’s will. The melancholy “Low” rounds out the CD with thought-provoking lyrics about dying to self.

If this EP foreshadows Grey Holiday’s future, I expect great things from them. Buy The Glorious Revolution. You won’t regret it.

Katie Hart loves the written word. She's published several articles, poems, and nearly 200 reviews in magazines and websites such as Christian Communicator, Church Libraries, Infuze Magazine, Christian Library Journal, and ChristianBookPreviews.com. She's written two novels and is working on her third, a fantasy. Also a Christian music fan, she helps out regularly with concerts at her church and strives to promote the artists and bands she enjoys. Visit her online at her blog.