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Glorious Day
by Jeff Johnson

Reviewed by Phillip Tomasso III

"Although the music is crisp, and clean, it is Johnson's vocals that are clearly being showcased."

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago I was watching the fourth season of American Idol, and found myself rooting for worship leader Jeff Johnson. I remember he handled comments from judges with class and dignity, and was often times shown leading prayer with other contestants. I will not forget the night he was voted off, and remember an article I read around that time explaining Johnson had been suffering from food poisoning the night of his final performance. But if I recall correctly, he did not blame an upset stomach for the handed down decision. Instead he’d said that God had something in mind for him—and winning ‘Idol’ must not be part of that plan. (Of course I’m paraphrasing …)

Glorious Day is a glorious CD. The last thing I want to do is compare talents. But Johnson’s voice, his sound, and his impact remind me of worship CDs released by the likes of Jeremy Camp, Chris Tomlin and even Todd Agnew.

The overall effect of the CD hits its target—providing a peaceful sense of, well, peacefulness. After listening through the CD a few times, it was easy for me to sing along, first joining in on the chorus, and not long after, on the verses as well.

Although the music is crisp, and clean, it is Johnson’s vocals that are clearly being showcased. Perhaps my favorite song on the CD—which just so happens to be the one gaining popularity through regular radio air play—is “Ruin Me” (written by Jeff Johnson, Steven S. Miller, Jordon Burks and Jimmy Green.). When I hear it, my head just bobs in beat with the steady tempo. It’s the kind of song that you can close your eyes … and feel the serenity around you—or surround you. It’s powerful.

“Jesus Is Mine” has that Todd Agnew feel to it. The guitar playing gives it a jazzy, toe tapping feel. Once you learn the chorus, it is one of those songs you won’t be able to not sing along with. The lyrics are meaningful, thoughtful.

With ten songs on the CD, Jeff Johnson is allowed to showcase his talent. There is not much diversity to the overall sound. However, each song is unique, compelling and inspiring. Although I do not doubt Jeff Johnson’s ability to remain faithful to the Lord, I do wonder what his career might look like had he won that competition years ago. I see that God did have a plan, and by the looks of it Jeff Johnson is well on his way to a long, healthy career doing what he loves most, honoring God!

Phillip Tomasso IIIThomas Phillips grew up with a reading disability. He did everything possible not to read. It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that he finally read a book cover to cover. Now a voracious reader and prolific writer, Phillips uses his accomplishments as a motivational backdrop for speaking at school assemblies. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Phillips has worked as a freelance journalist and currently works full time as an employment law paralegal. When he isn’t writing, Phillips plays guitar, is active at his church, coaches his children’s Little League teams, co-leads Ink Spots and Coffee Grounds—a creative writing group, and plots his next story. The Molech Prophecy is his first published Christian novel. Visit him online at his Shoutlife page & Myspace page.