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Get In I'm Driving

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Get In, I'm Driving by Ginny Owens

Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"My suggestion to everyone is to simply turn over your keys to “Get In, I’m Driving” and let Ginny take you on a drive you will not soon forget."

With Get In, I’m Driving Ginny Owens is announcing she is back, and back with a furor. If you have the fortitude to as she says in the first cut “Get In”, you will not be disappointed.
This 11-track set released on her new label partner, Soul Stride Records (part of EMI Gospel Distribution) is a mix of Blues, Pop and the lush Piano ballads that brought Ginny’s voice to our ears over a decade ago.

From the sultry piano ballads to the bluesy title track, this set is a reminder of Ginny’s vocal delivery. Stripping down the Stevie Wonder classic “Higher Ground” to just her voice and her piano, POWERFUL. It doesn’t get any better than “Rain”, “Joined At The Heart”, or “The Song”….OK, I’m a sucker for the ballad. “We are humbled to be part of a greater story written by the author of miracles and stars….” She sings in “Joined At The Heart”….” As this journey unfolds, there is one thing that we know – God has made it so we are joined at the heart”.

Describing the experience of creating this CD, Ginny says “…I’ve just finished my first experience driving a CD project, incorporating my favorite musical styles in a diverse array of songs…. I joke about driving a car and try my hand at “driving” my music, but there is no question who is driving my life. No matter how much I fight for the wheel, He continues to show me that my journey is not for me to drive—instead I look to Him to lead and hang on for the ride.”

My suggestion to everyone is to simply turn over your keys to “Get In, I’m Driving” and let Ginny take you on a drive you will not soon forget.

Adrian B. Martinez: "Music and Movies, Movies and Music, always the twain shall meet" is Adrian B. Martinez's motto; a displaced New Yorker living in Connecticut. A complete Movie nut, Adrian was responsible for writing movie synopsis' for Loews Movie Theater's for over 5 years. At any given time that would be a synopsis for over 25 movies in one week. Whew! Nowadays, she is a regular in the Press area for the Creation Festival and Purple Door Festival. To keep her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed, she does web-design for DelMonico Hatter in New Haven, Ct. and serves as a Supervisor for the Hartford Civic Center, also in Ct. An avid traveler, Adrian has been to Europe numerous times and can be seen criss-crossing the United States in her re-furbished 1974 Orange Volkswagen Vanagon which has allowed her to participate in her favorite past-time, meeting new people….When she does take the time to stop, she spends her time with a very handsome man that goes by the name of Zorro. He can be seen sleeping on the couch, bed, bathing in the sunlight on a window ledge or anywhere else that he deems comfortable. Zorro of course, is her cat.