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The Generous Mr. Lovewell by Mercy Me

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The Generous Mr. Lovewell by MercyMe

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"...superbly penned and arranged from beginning to end."

The Generous Mr. Lovewell is a creative collage of musical diversity and reminiscent of the vintage sound of ‘90s contemporary Christian band PFR. There is an obvious enjoyment in their performance . . . a laid back, relaxed approach packed with high energy. Guitarist Mike Scheuchzer says, “The Generous Mr. Lovewell is a picture of the change we want to see in our own lives. Without love like this, everything we do, everything we are, is in vain."

The album kicks into a funky, electronic rock beat in the style of Electric Light Orchestra with the cut "This Life.” The chorus lyrics which include"This life was meant to shine" sum up the song’s message.

Beginning with a brief “rental car” commercial sound, the title track “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” transitions into a delightful, danceable tune with an infectious melody. This red balloon-toting band-created believer “wakes up every day believing he's gonna make a change." Are these lyrics idealistic, sickeningly positive or a reality for a Christ-follower? The message of committing to extravagant selflessness and faithful optimism is woven throughout the heart-provoking lyrics.

The undeniable energy of "Move” hits a higher level musically with a fantastic rock-dance arrangement that proclaims hope and got me back on my feet. A choir of hand clappers gives way to a guitar-driven and percussion-laden undercurrent throughout this track.

Tight vocals and sensational supporting instrumentation are staples of any Mercy Me CD. The haunting, descending bass line at the end of “Crazy Enough” is mesmerizingly sweet.

The powerful worship anthems you expect from MercyMe can be found in "All of Creation," "Only You Remain," "Free" and "Won't You Be My Love."

Reviewer favorites: “This Life,” “Move,” “Only You Remain,” and “Back to You.”

If you are anything like me, enjoying this band’s sweet sound from the first time you heard "I Can Only Imagine," there is not any explainable reason why you don’t have a copy yet (unless of course you were waiting for this review).

The Generous Mr. Lovewell is superbly penned and arranged from beginning to end. You’ll be listening to this CD more than once or twice a week!

Dale Lewis now mans the front desk at the EFCA (The Evangelical Free Church of America) National Office in Minneapolis, MN. He was the graphic designer/pre-press production artist for over twelve years before being asked to step into this new role. Prior to that, he was the publications manager at his alma mater, Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN in the public relations office as well as the adviser to the college’s yearbook. He's a director/actor/writer for the Hope Church (Oakdale, MN) adult drama worship team and was the senior editor of the church newsletter. He's also written two collections of poetry, “Whispers of Assurance” and “On Life: Constant Communion Without Ceasing” as well as a devotional entitled “Eternal Education.” He and his family live in Oakdale, Minnesota.