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Five Two Television by KJ-52

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Five Two Telvision by KJ-52

Reviewed by Tracy Darlington

"KJ dishes out another vibe that’s sure to please fans young and old."

It’s been two years since we’ve heard anything from 34 year old Florida native KJ-52. Now he brings his latest offering Five-Two Television. “I wanted to create a record that is almost like a TV station,” he says. In typical KJ fashion, this project isn’t your normal length. With 24 tracks to its credit, we’re treated to a four-act, spoken-word biography starring the fictional character Chris Carlino. The segments represent who KJ might have been had it not been for Christ crashing into his life at age 15.

KJ channels Justin Timberlake on the stand-out track “Calling You”. This is a totally danceable tune with it’s dominating downbeat. “Fuego” has a hip-hop, salsa/Latino flavor and will help you brush up on your foreign language skills, as the lyrics are in Spanish. As with most of his albums, KJ isn’t afraid to share mic time with other musicians. J.R., Trevor McNevan (Thousand Foot Krutch), Rob Beckley (Pillar) and Group 1 Crew help this project to rival anything we’ve heard from Kanye West or Jay-Z lately.

Five-Two Television is rife with KJ’s trademark pop culture references about Facebook, Twitter, and even some texting lingo. But sadly no reference to Starbucks this time! With ten CDs under his belt (include remix albums), KJ dishes out another vibe that’s sure to please fans young and old. Don’t plan on sitting still through this one

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