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Expect the Impossible by Stellar Kart

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Expect the Impossible

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Expect the Impossible
by Stellar Kart

Reviewed by Dale Lewis

"Incorporating pop, modern rock and upbeat punk, Stellar Kart follows in the footsteps of other youth group bands like the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline."

Stellar Kart’s new CD is thematically centered around topics most important to the “roller coaster” lives of today’s youth. They cover subjects like friendship, loss, prayer and redemption within the ten songs on “Expect The Impossible.” Incorporating pop, modern rock and upbeat punk, Stellar Kart follows in the footsteps of other youth group bands like the Newsboys and Audio Adrenaline.

The opening cut “Innocent” kicks off the CD with guitar driven pure rock and is one of my favorite titles. “Jesus Loves You” (cut #3) is an anthem/power ballad with an evangelistic message, but it falls short in impact due to poor delivery and simplistic lyrics. “Eyes” (cut #8) propelled me back into my youthful ‘80s days as I felt I was listening to a Jefferson Starship album.

At times, I felt like I was in the middle of a pep rally with fun lyrics, upbeat rhythms and high energy: a listener being swept up into a generic emotional high with a sing-a-long mentality.

The most disappointing aspect of “Expect the Impossible” was the lyrics. For example, “Hey, you are the sunshine for a raining day, yea, it’s going to be okay” (cut #5) provides little lyrical depth beyond a feel-good moment. Please don’t get me wrong; there is subtle maturity to their writing but not enough for this child of the ‘60s and ‘70s to buy a copy. Fortunately, I’m not their target audience. I like Stellar Kart, but perhaps not as much as my 19 year-old son. Expect your teens to listen to it loudly and often!

Dale Lewis now mans the front desk at the EFCA (The Evangelical Free Church of America) National Office in Minneapolis, MN. He was the graphic designer/pre-press production artist for over twelve years before being asked to step into this new role. Prior to that, he was the publications manager at his alma mater, Northwestern College in St. Paul, MN in the public relations office as well as the adviser to the college’s yearbook. He's a director/actor/writer for the Hope Church (Oakdale, MN) adult drama worship team and was the senior editor of the church newsletter. He's also written two collections of poetry, “Whispers of Assurance” and “On Life: Constant Communion Without Ceasing” as well as a devotional entitled “Eternal Education.” He and his family live in Oakdale, Minnesota.