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Every Minute Miracles by Dave Pettigrew

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"Through his rock and with this album, Pettigrew has confronted us to look for God in the Every Minute Miracles."

With the resounding success of his first album, Dave Pettigrew has been included in the Indelible Creative Group’s Top 20 INDIE 2008 compilation CD with his song “Change(Follow Me)”, the first hit from his newest album Every Minute Miracles. For the past two years Dave has taken his mission to the road, wowing audiences in the New Your tri-state area with his passionate performance and the bands great musical talent. He also has a heart for needy children around the world and has partnered with World Vision to help them. This is the New York rocker’s third Indie Contemporary Rock release; Somebody I’m Suppose to Be, The Christmas EP, and Every Minute Miracles are the band’s complete discology. Dave not only offers his vocal range but his alto saxophone talent to his album.

" I'm still trying to get people to think more about God on a daily basis," Dave says. "There's always something new to learn about God and how he works within our lives." He writes poignant tunes that hit people right where they are in their walk of life. Strong vocals and a powerful message reverberate throughout the album. “Change(Follow Me)”, a strong start to a great album, challenges us to “pick up our cross everyday” and follow God. It also reminds us that even when we stumble along the way all we have to do is change and go back to Him. “Big Enough” empowers us to break out of what the mainstream tells us about and what other Christians call “the box” of Christianity, because nothing that we do really has a stopping point to God. The song breathes new meaning into the saying, “Do hard things.” “God’s TV” embodies what it would be like for God to watch us as we make mistakes, and start “new seasons” in life. “Proof of You” shows us when most of us are in our walk with Him, we just want a little proof of Him.

"The Best That He Can Be” is the changing point on the album. The ballad turns from what we need to do, to what we need from God. It tells the story of a person who is going through the worst time in their life, and that they’re “not going to need a little/ A lot may not even be enough/ But His love runs deeper than any love I’ve ever seen/ And with strength and mercy you can face the tragedies/ Today you need the best that he can be”. The song also reminds us that “His love will never, it will never, never leave”. Then we are shown in “With My Faith”, how we are blinded by the fear of people ridiculing us of for our faith, yet with our faith we can still perform miracles. The next three songs tell about our need for God which includes: “What Would I Do”, “Something More”, and “All I need Is You”. The finale to the album is Chris Tomlin’s and Matt Redman’s collaboration, “Wonderful Maker”, finishing the album with God’s presence and our embrace in him.

Through his rock and with this album, Pettigrew has confronted us to look for God in the Every Minute Miracles.

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