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Debbie Everett

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The Advocate

Debbie Everett
by Debbie Everett

Reviewed by Carol Kurtz

"Debbie's music is truly anointed, and it's clear that worship is her calling."

The photograph, the graphic design, the look is sharp. And this is an independent cd. Lately it seems every Christian artist is delving into worship music, making a worship album or two. This genre of music is "in". But Debbie's music is truly anointed, and it's clear that worship is her calling. Indeed, Debbie Everett is a worship leader and the wife of Evangelist Dale Everett. She's also a really great singer.

Five of the songs on "Debbie Everett" are original compositions where you can really hear Debbie's heart for the Lord. It's palpable in the simple lyrics to “More Than Anything”: My Jesus, I love you more than anything. My Savior, I love you more than anything. Debbie plays the keyboards on the cd, with daughter Ashlee and son Tyler helping out with the BGVs. Her version of “Awesome in this Place” has tasteful rather than overwhelming accents from drums and percussion. The project brings an overall smooth and subtle blend of background instruments, including strings, which complements her voice quite nicely.

Debbie stays on pitch with a songbird sound reminiscent of an early Amy Grant, or even Evie Tornquist of the 70's Christian music scene. She gives a sweet rendition of "I Worship You Almighty God" where her vocal clarity makes this version the best I've heard. Her voice is light, with only a slight vibrato when called for.

One of Debbie's songs, "Holy are You Lord", mixes a minor key with a major for an interesting blend. But "I Believe" is a true anthem of faith, where Debbie really shines. I believe what Your Word says is true, what You promised, Lord, You'll do. That's what I believe. Lord, I believe. This one you'll want to sing over and over.

The cuts are longer than average, ranging from four minutes to eight and a half. She's not in a rush here. And the tempo is slow, as you'd expect from worship songs, but not too slow. The songs still move, and you can still sing a phrase with one breath.

You can't get this cd in stores, only from Dale Everett's website. Produced at Nye Worship Music Studio, it's a personal project, a heart felt effort. Debbie is a talented artist, and you'll enjoy the music. But I'm guessing that wasn't her main ambition. I think she would be happiest knowing this project brought you into God's presence. And the truth is, her music does both.

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