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Conquering the Fear of Flight by Wavorly

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Review of Conquering the Fear of Flight

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Conquering the Fear of Flight
by Wavorly

Reviewed by Cory Clubb

"Wavorly’s gift of a combining mix of orchestra, slamming guitar rifts, and a bit of indie rock, produces a unique sound."

In the swarm of new bands and artists coming onto the Christian scene in 2007, some stood out while others drifted slowly into the mix. Tupelo, Mississippi rockers, Wavorly, burst onto the airwaves with the ultra popular song “Praise and Adore” showcasing early on their breakout debut. Since the band’s 2001 start and previous name Freshmen 15, they have come a long way. The five members all had different likes and styles of music in which they clung to, from punk rock, metal core, indie, and pop. Their diverse influences created something that lead vocalist, Dave Stovall and bassist Matt Lott deemed “grander vision for what their music and purpose could be”. Wavorly’s debut, Conquering the Fear of Flight, was the creation that came from this talented group.

Conquering is an obvious rock album when you first give it a listen, but after a few tracks go by you understand that there is something more here. Aside from their smash radio hit, this whole record is chock full of power. Wavorly’s gift of a combining mix of orchestra, slamming guitar rifts, and a bit of indie rock, produces a unique sound. Conquering starts out with an ensemble of string instruments, as if telling a story of passion, then blasts into the next track, “Madmen”, as if the two songs were melted together. Thus showing off the band’s will to rock. But they aren’t done there. Drawing from the writings of C.S. Lewis, Wavorly blends the pioneer’s words into the heart of the rock tracks “Part One” and “Endless Day”. The lyrics are deep and genuine giving the listener plenty to ponder. On the track “Time I Understood”, Stovall’s vocals describe God’s mission for us and how we are loved by Him, showing off their insight and meaning as a band. Keeping with the orchestra feel, the album gives tastes of a flowing musical background as it fades out on the last track “The Defeat”.

Some reviewers throw out good reviews like cheap tootsie rolls at a parade, but every good review that Wavorly receives for Conquering the Fear of Flight they have whole-heartily worked hard for and deserved. With this being their first album I am looking forward to more from this band. Hopefully taking chances and putting passion into their music, as they have done here, Wavorly will continue to stay above getting lost in the mix.

Cory ClubbCory Clubb is author of the novel Saved by Grace and currently working on his first thriller. He holds a degree in Graphic Design and is always seeking to advance his talent as a writer. He is an avid reader, movie buff, and music enthusiast, tools he uses to infuse his imagination. He lives in central Illinois with his wife and three sons. You can find out more about his projects at his blog.