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Review of Connersvine's debut

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The Advocate

by Connersvine

Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"...this acoustic-driven duo's fervor for the glory of God can be heard through their worshipful melodies and passionate vocals."

When one thinks of Football and music, thoughts automatically go to the over-the-top musical productions known as Half-time from the Super Bowl. Connersvine, an acoustic-driven duo from Indiana is about to change that association IMMEDIATELY. Made up of Chris Wilson and Hunter Smith a punter from the World Champions Indianapolis Colts, this acoustic-driven duo’s fervor for the glory of God can be heard through their worshipful melodies and passionate vocals.

Connersvine fuses their love for a variety of styles with a focus on music as a ministry. “We want to write great dynamic lyrics and beautiful melodies, but our main concern is that our music has an impact on people,” says Smith.

This aspiration is clearly evident in Connersvine’s first single “Live for You.” Wilson describes it as the “lyrical heartbeat of the band. We want them (people) to be more in love with our Creator.” Pure and simple, the song is a forthright declaration of how they desire to live their lives wholly sold out to God. “In everything, we want to die to ourselves and live for Jesus.”

Their self-titled INO records debut draws comparison to another debut that has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary from a band by the name of Third Day. It has been a little over ten years since we were first introduced to the voice of Mac Powell delivering such classics as “Living for Jesus” and “Take my Life”. Following in that worshipful mind-set, Connersvine maintains they feel strongly called to help other believers experience God through worship.

Their debut album is filled with many exceptional songs. “Hero” is a song written for Smith’s son Josiah—and a special gift for his wife. “Hopefully, it’ll challenge men to love their families and be role models for their children,” Smith says. “Sacred Mystery” a favorite of mine, and I quickly lost myself with the slow tempo guitar playing of Wilson, surrounding the Smith delivered lyrics….”walking into the great divide and I will follow where you lead --- into the sacred mystery.”

Another worship song, “Hosanna” resonates with hearts that are reaching out in thanksgiving to God. Up-tempo worship songs “Glory Be” and “Come Alive” further illustrates their signature stamp of worship for today’s church, “that’s our heart’s cry expressed through our lyrics.”

Beginning their friendship by leading worship together for a young adult ministry on the Southside of Indianapolis in the summer of 2001, they began to feel God calling them into music professionally; they focused on their song writing and worship style. This dynamic duo that couldn’t be more different from each other soon discovered they shared a passion for worship. Wilson, who started playing guitar in elementary school, is the creative, artsy type, who always has new melodies running through his head. On the other hand, Smith is an outgoing, energetic pro football player whose songwriting is defined by poetic lyrics.

As they continue to write new songs and challenge themselves in worship leading, God has poured out his creativity through them. They believe that God, the Greatest Artist, is the inventor of creativity and as believers we have direct access to the Father of creativity through worship. As a result, they feel that their purpose is not only to write songs as artists but also to write songs to be used by the Church for corporate worship.

Whenever you bring two very different individuals together to write music, something original is bound to come out. Connersvine has proven that.

Adrian B. Martinez: "Music and Movies, Movies and Music, always the twain shall meet" is Adrian B. Martinez's motto; a displaced New Yorker living in Connecticut. A complete Movie nut, Adrian was responsible for writing movie synopsis' for Loews Movie Theater's for over 5 years. At any given time that would be a synopsis for over 25 movies in one week. Whew! Nowadays, she is a regular in the Press area for the Creation Festival and Purple Door Festival. To keep her in the lifestyle she has become accustomed, she does web-design for DelMonico Hatter in New Haven, Ct. and serves as a Supervisor for the Hartford Civic Center, also in Ct. An avid traveler, Adrian has been to Europe numerous times and can be seen criss-crossing the United States in her re-furbished 1974 Orange Volkswagen Vanagon which has allowed her to participate in her favorite past-time, meeting new people….When she does take the time to stop, she spends her time with a very handsome man that goes by the name of Zorro. He can be seen sleeping on the couch, bed, bathing in the sunlight on a window ledge or anywhere else that he deems comfortable. Zorro of course, is her cat.