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Comatose Comes Alive by Skillet

Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"Skillet has given its fans a glimpse of what a wild Skillet show means and has wet their appetite for what is next."

Still celebrating the success of its 2006 Award winning release, Comatose, John Cooper and company have released a live CD/DVD compilation recorded at a show in Chattanooga, Tennessee in May 2008 called, “Comatose Comes Alive”, and may I say it completely rocks.

The CD portion boasts all the of the hits from Comatose, “Rebirthing”, “Whispers in the Dark”, “The Older I Get”, “Those Nights” and the ode to 80’s Rock Ballads, “The Last Night”. Essentially it truly is a live version of the complete “Comatose” disc, with a few fan favorites from previous releases 2000’s Invincible (“Angels Fall Down” and “Best Kept Secret”) and 2003’s Collide (“My Obsession”, “Savior” and “Collide”) thrown in for good measure.

The CD portion also contains a brand new song entitled “Live Free or Let Me Die” in addition to the 15 tracks from the show. On the Deluxe Edition; Skillet has also performed 5 of Comatose’s biggest hits acoustically.

Not to be outdone, the DVD portion gives the viewer all 15 tracks performed at the Tennessee show, plus the official videos for “Rebirthing”, “Whispers in the Dark” and “Savior”. As a plus, there is a behind the scenes video for “The Older I Get”, allowing the viewer to see Skillet at play in the studio as they recorded the song.

For Panheads (Skillet fans), this set was filmed after longtime drummer, Lori Peters left the group; sadly she is now only seen in the videos from the DVD portion. We are introduced to her replacement Jen Ledger, and in true fashion she is a formidable force on the drums, and in her vocal abilities, as she shares vocal duties with John and Korey Cooper on “Yours to Hold”. As a seasoned tour band, you can see and hear the comfort level this quartet has obtained from non-stop touring. John’s familiar vocals and warm banter with the crowd is not too over done. We get a little crowd participation, however not to the point where it is the crowd solely singing a verse. Far from in a comatose state, the crowd does get their moment as they erupt during the familiar grand opening strings of “Rebirthing”, not insanely done as you can clearly hear Corey Cooper’s background vocals and guitarist Ben Kasica’s lead strings.

Always wanting to produce the wildest, best show they can, John Cooper says, “as soon as my feet hit the stage, I know no matter how many people are there I'm going to give it everything I've got. I'm gonna rock it. I think we captured that feeling on our record." With a new release not slated until spring of 2009, Skillet has given its fans a glimpse of what a wild Skillet show means and has wet their appetite for what is next.

. As we can already hear the jingle of those holiday bells, this combo would make a perfect addition to any Skillet fan’s collection. Or if you have that one friend whom you want to turn on to Skillet’s music and ministry, this outta do it.

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