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The Advocate

by Cadia

Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"...presents an accessible pop sound that results in an infectious, passionate release..."

“It’s about turning off the world and walking with God. The place is a journey, a deeper journey of faith. That’s the Place that you truly find peace.” It is with these words that we are introduced to Fervent Records latest addition to its roster “Cadia”. Comprised of best friends, Tori Smith and Courtney Myers, they join other Fervent Records artists such as Barlow Girl, By the Tree, and Big Daddy Weave.

“CADIA means ‘a place of peace,’” explains Courtney. Derived from the Greek word Arcadia, these two 19-year olds have banded to together to create just that with their debut. “Each song here is saying that there is a place of peace, a safe place to fall, in this life. We’re all trying to find ourselves, trying to hear God through all the noise, the pain, the insecurities, the lies people have told us about who we are and who we’re not. These songs are our way of saying, ‘You can let that all go and just give it to God. He is the source of peace. He is the One who made us. He doesn’t make mistakes.’ Looking to Philippians 4:6-7 as a verse to both live by and encourage others to follow; they have created an album that delivers high-energy pop/rock songs, insightful lyrics with themes of honesty, empowerment, self-esteem and confidence in God.

Creating an album that explores a broad range of subject matter, these longtime friends draw on their experiences from their teenage years, experiences they insist are typical of most American teenaged girls, Courtney says, “We are just normal people. I just want to be real with these girls. I want to tell them that I’ve been in their shoes and I know how hard life can be.” Tory adds, “You’re not always going to feel beautiful. We don’t have it all together. We are not perfect; not even close to it.” That’s okay says the girls, building a relationship with Christ is a journey not an event.

Hoping to appeal to everyone with their debut, Cadia’s objective is to not put a limit on their audience. “Our audience is whoever listens to the music. If it touches you, it is meant for you.” They have certainly done their best to do a little something for everyone as their trademark harmonies are showcased on the power-ballad, “Trust in Me Now”, and then we are thrust to the other end of the spectrum for their soulful and emotional delivery of “I’ll Stay”. Putting their mark on the Martina McBride classic, “This One’s for the Girls”, then switching gears again for “Curious”, packing an angst-ridden rock ‘n’ roll wallop. The album’s most intimate song is “Shadowfeet”, showcasing their harmonies and tag-team lead vocals. Closing out this 11-track debut, is the Women of Faith’s “Revolve Tour” theme song “Inside Out”, penned by Nicole Nordeman, once again proving that not only can these girls get to the heart of the song but also rock out with the best of them.

In a time when almost every night there is a story reporting on the outlandish exploits of Britney Spears, it is truly a breath of fresh air to meet two young women with a heart for God and a positive gift they are willing to share. CADIA presents an accessible pop sound that results in an infectious, passionate release packed with guitar-laden hooks and melodic piano pop sure to appeal to fans of ZOEgirl and Krystal Meyers. We are all trying to find out where we belong; we’re all looking for that unconditional love. The thing is, we already belong, we are already loved that way by God, and that is the message that CADIA shares.”

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