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Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"Blink is a love letter set to music for Solomon and Oliver and reflects a season of change for Plumb."

What would a cotton ball sound like if it made music? That’s easy: “Blink” by Plumb. Yes, that’s right. I said Plumb. The woman who has long been known as an exuberant rocker has released a project that invites us in like a child being cradled by their mother as she softly sings them to sleep. “Blink” is a collection of lullabies and parental-themed songs with a much softer sound than Plumb has offered on her previous efforts, but it’s exactly the kind of lullaby album she would make.

Hard to believe that we were first introduced to Plumb (Tiffany Arbuckle Lee) over 10 years ago with the self-titled Essential Records debut which spawned hits “Unforgivable”, “Crazy” and “Who am I”, to name a few. Since that 1997 debut, we have gone along for the ride on projects like, candycoatedwaterdrops (1999, Essential Records), “Beautiful Lumps of Coal” (2003, Curb Records), and “Chaotic Resolve” (2006, Curb Records). “Blink” is definitely softer than the modern rock flavor of these efforts, relying more on gentle pop ambiance, and using the two newest loves of her life, her sons Simon and Oliver as inspiration. This unique project of ten lullabies inspired by and written for her little ones, begins with the gorgeous opener “My Sweet, My Lovely”. With the lyrics “your beauty, your innocence, joy is found with every kiss” a comparison to the unmistakable ethereal sounds of Sarah McLaughlin and Patty Griffin are discovered.

For Plumb, the birth of her two boys and motherhood has become as important as her love of music. In combining both of these loves, she has created her most uplifting release to date. While not the Plumb we are most familiar with, the 10 tracks of Blink move along from beginning to end with a consistent mix of beautiful balladry found on such songs as “In my Arms”, “Sleep” and “God will take care of You”.

With themes of unconditional love, “Blink” is a soothing melodic album reminiscent of Enya that is literally the perfect album to plug into if you need to unwind. As this album never strays from showcasing the gentle, calming, and relaxing aspect of anyone who is overflowing with love (not just a parent), it is beautifully showcased in the lyrical content of the title song, “…when I think of how slowly life passes by/Then I’ll blink and you’re growing/No longer a child/What can I do, to capture this moment in time/Is to sing you a lullaby...”

“Blink” is a love letter set to music for Solomon and Oliver and reflects a season of change for Plumb

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