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Addison Road
by Addison Road

Reviewed by Adrian B. Martinez

"...an enjoyable listen with simple and direct lyrics."

“This whole album is about that process [of being renewed and refined by God] of refining but also getting out of our comfort zones and taking that grace into the world”, says Jenny Simmons, the lone female member of the band Addison Road, when describing their self-titled INO Records debut (home to Sara Groves, Mercy Me, Skillet and Connersvine).

This five-piece band from Texas offers a major label debut with energetic pop rock compositions, upbeat anthems of encouragement, prayer and a call to action. Together for 6 six years, Addison Road has paid their dues, including constant touring and performances at festivals, conferences, and camps, and a bit of band discord. They have even released two indie albums and an EP before getting the INO Records deal.

In addition to Jenny Simmons, Addison Road is comprised of Ryan Simmons (Jenny’s husband) on guitars, keyboards and vocals; lead guitarist/vocalist Ryan Gregg; bass player Travis Lawrence and on drums Jeff Sutton. Lyrically this album explores the themes of Christian life such as finding your place in the world and in God’s grace. That theme is never more prominent than in the hit “All that Matters”.

With a voice not unlike that of Amy Lee [Evanescence], Jenny Simmons’ is at home on the single “Hope Now”. The song is the result of a turbulent period in the band’s history. They were told that for a band singing Christian music (which is supposed to inspire hope) they were too negative. “Hope Now” does have a somber beginning, but I challenge you to become a listener and let the song take you away as Jenny’s voice builds to a crescendo beautifully complemented by the harmonies of the male members of Addison Road as they all sing to God, “…your love sets me free.”

You do not reach this surprise until Track #4 of this 10- track compilation, and as a whole “Addison Road” is an enjoyable listen with simple and direct lyrics. Best served when she is not fighting against the shouting match of the instruments, the simplicity of Jenny’s delightful falsetto is also given due service on songs “Run” and “What Do I Know of Holy”. For those fans of Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson, Addison Road has created the “pump your fists in the air and repeat after me” anthem, “It Just Takes One”. This call to action, which urges listeners to live out their faith to impact the world, is sure to be a favorite this festival season.

Addison Road uses a theory of Plato to further explain their heart's desire: Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention. People almost always get creative, not for the fun of it, but because they need it. The beautiful part of that scenario is that more often than not, when necessity produces invention, this result is amazing….or in the case of Addison Road, who put their heads and hearts together on this creative invention, it is a blessing.

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