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A Beautiful Life by Jason Allen Rich

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A Beautiful Life by Jason Allen Rich

Reviewed by Caleb Newell

"...an incredible journey through our journey with God as well as through the Bible."

The American Idol contestant Jason Allen Rich's new album dazes the listener from start to finish. The six track album release is part of EMI/VSR New Artist Release Program. In order to get into this program, the artist must record and submit six tracks to EMI/VSR and then be accepted by EMI/VSR , which completes on half of the artist’s obligation. EMI/VSR will request six more tracks six to seven months later to be combined with the first set of tracks and be released in a full-length album. So, if you can’t get enough of Jason Allen Rich now, you can fulfill you fix within the next six months.

Jason’s first release, “A Beautiful Life”, is a great praise and worship collection centered around bringing people to a closer, more intimate relationship with God.

God’s power and majesty open the album with "Taste and See". The song explores all that God has done and how we are broken and just want to experience Him. The human condition is examined in the second track, "Take Us Away". Desperation, and masks (which we wear to cover the pain) of this life get us down and we cry out for the Lord to alleviate the pain of this world, so we reach out to Him and through his sacrifice we can be healed.

" Arms Wide Open" acknowledges that God is with us through everything, and that He is refuge. Salvation and cleansing is through the Lord’s sacrifice. The next track, "Redfine", leads us farther into our walk with Christ. Jason keeps all the other subjects from the other songs, and builds upon it (the same as every track does). "Redefine" tells how God transforms us and that only God can fill the void in our lives. "Lamb of Glory" informs people of Christ's story, while continuing to praise him. "A Million Angels" tells how thoroughly God has put interest and planning into our lives and we owe everything we are to him.

This CD is an incredible journey through our journey with God as well as through the Bible. In the beginning was God, God created man, man fell, and God send his son for our redemption. You will enjoy this CD if you like modern praise and worship, and artist such as Jared Anderson, Hillsong, and Matt Redman.

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